UV spot and area curing systems – Omnicure Series

Omnicure Spot Curing Series

The Omnicure UV Spot curing systems and products can be found in use at the leading manufacturers production lines and the R&D laboratories.  The Omnicure Spot curing series of products are using the best up-to-date technologies, offer the highest reliability and show the best performance and results that money can buy.   In this line of spot curing products we name the Omnicure S2000, Omnicure S1500, Omnicure LX500 and more.
The OmniCure® LX500 LED Spot Curing system is designed for the highest LED spot curing performance with the highest quality components and assembly technologies for the long life-time along with the highest optical stability. The LX500 controller offers a robust and intuitive UI (user interface) with the ability to control up to four UV LED spot curing heads simultaneously or independently at different wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm and 400nm. 

OmniCure® UV Curing Product Catalog

Omnicure S2000 & S1500 Main Specifications

Omnicure LED Area Curing AC Series

The Omnicure wide range LED AC Series UV curing systems are of the highest quality and performance along with high power air-cooled that allow wide range of integration flexibility that can fit the needs almost all kinds, small or wide, area curing applications.

Omnicure AC LED Area Curing Heads Main Specifications

UV spectrum Analyzer / Spectrometer

The model OHSP-350UV is a perfect user friendly portable  Ultraviolet Irradiation Spectrometer /Spectrum Analyzer. It exhibits high optical resolution of 2nm for the wide testing span of  the entire spectrum range of 230nm – 850nm.
The OHSP-350UV belongs to the OHSP-350 series of handheld spectral colorimeter luminance meter and it can measure the UV Irradiance (W/cm^2), illumination, chromaticity, and light flicker. This UV spectrum analyzer has a color high definition 5” touch screen on which all the measurement parameters results and curves are displayed in real time. The model 350UV analyzer is a user friendly tester driven by a very friendly UI software.
The OHSP-350UV is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery of high capacity for continues operation of 24 hours before recharge.